Meet Inge, a visionary leader who is passionate about education. With over 20 years of experience, she has worked in various roles, including as a teacher, edtech integrator, and director of innovative teaching and learning. 

As an integral part of the academic leadership team, Inge leads professional learning for faculty in evidence-based teaching strategies and the latest technologies to align personal and organizational goals. In her current role, Inge works tirelessly with faculty and staff to provide learning experiences that are intentional, hands-on, and provide real-world connections for students. She believes everyone can learn and encourages different paths to reach set goals. She is committed to enhancing the organization's reputation as a front-runner in schooling.

Inge is a change agent, advocating for innovative school structures and leading a task force to explore a vision of what could be. She spearheads ShiftinEdu, a two-day learning event for forward-thinking educators who embrace evidence-based and innovative practices in K-12 environments. Inge's leadership style centers on building trust and community, actively listening to others, intuiting possibilities to tackle problems, taking calculated risks, and constantly checking for alignment. 

Her dedication and commitment to education have made her a true inspiration to those around her, and she is a trusted and dedicated leader in the field. Inge's vision, leadership, and passion for education have ignited a movement toward innovative, evidence-based practices that benefit students, faculty, and staff alike.

In her personal life, Inge finds balance through spending time with her family, cycling, practicing yoga, reading, spending time on the water, and traveling.