1.23.2018 Tuesday Tips

Tip #1: AutoDraw – Fast Drawing for Everyone

Want to draw something fast, but you don’t feel you are an artist? Artificial intelligence will help you! Google AutoDraw to the rescue!

TT image (5)

Tip #2: Google Drive TipsĀ 

8 Useful tips for teachers on how to search in Google Drive. Some, I use all the time and others less. Looking forward to bettering my searching skills in Drive!

TT image (6)

Tip #3: 12 Apps & Websites for World Read Aloud Day

On her website Class Tech Tips, Dr. Monica Burns compiled these read-aloud websites. No excuse not to take part in this event on February 1, 2018!

TT image (8)

Tip #4: Global Math Task

Connect and share learning through these Global Math Tasks. With your class Twitter account, you can participate! Use the hashtag #gmttc

TT image (7)

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