1.23.2018 Tuesday Tips

Tip #1              AutoDraw – Fast Drawing for Everyone 

Want to draw something fast, but you are not really an artist? Artificial intelligence will help you! Google AutoDraw to the rescue!

Tip #2                                     Google Drive Tips  

8 Useful tips for teachers on how to search in Google Drive. Some I use all the time, others a little less. Looking forward to bettering my searching skills in Drive!

Tip #3         12 Apps & Websites for World Read Aloud Day  

On her website Class Tech Tips,  Dr. Monica Burns compiled these read-aloud websites. No excuse not to take part in this event on February 1, 2018!

Tip #4                             Global Math Task

Connect and share learning through these Global Math Tasks. With your Class Twitter account, you can participate! Use the hashtag #gmttc

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