About me

  • Elected Teacher of the Future 2013-2014 by National Association of Independent Schools
  • Joanna Naclerio Educational Excellence Award 2005-2006
  • Google Certified Trainer
  • Apple Teacher
  • Seesaw Ambassador

As Director of Innovation at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School in Miami, FL, Inge is a visionary who implements a growth mindset by creating a culture that empowers all learners to explore their passions, interests, and future through play and purpose. She is a team builder who welcomes divergent thinking and encourages everyone to become part of the innovation process. Inge works in close collaboration with faculty and staff to design optimum learning environments where there is room for risk-taking, critical thinking, problem-solving, self-assessment, reflection, and connected learning. She works relentlessly with faculty and students to leverage new methodologies and new technologies, yet never forgetting the human aspect of relationships. Inge promotes global presence through online presence for all through blogging and social media, will ask questions and listen with empathy.

Inge, with the assistance of the St. Stephen’s innovative team and educators, plans Miami Device. Miami Device is a 2-day learning event at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School, bringing over 300 educators from all over the world. The next Innovative Learning Event will be in November of 2017.

Inge presents at and attends numerous conferences to connect and stay abreast of innovative approaches in education. Among them: The European Conference on Mobile Devices, iPadPalooza, Learning and the Brain, Building Learning Communities, Independent School Management, Mobile Learning Experience, the Florida Council of Independent Schools, the Florida Educational Technology Conference, the International Society for Technology  in Education Conference, STEM Forum, and the International Reading Association

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Email: iwassmann@sseds.org

Twitter: @ingewassmann

Google+: ingewassmann

LinkedIn: ingewassmann

Mrs. Wassmann is super amazing; she helps me when I’m down and when I’m in sticky situations she helps me get out.